Custom Tailored Training

With more than two decades worth of developed curriculum at our disposal, the IPParalegal Institute develops and implements successful education solutions that address business challenges and initiatives.

By taking existing courses and programs from our extensive portfolio, we can tailor the curriculum to address your firm's or company's specific requirements and interests. This typically involves incorporating relevant case studies or activities that speak directly to initiatives or projects taking place within your organization. Tailored programs offer many benefits, including:

Employee Teamwork and Collaboration

Tailored programs allow employees to work and learn together, developing a synergy that opens up communication, and fosters teamwork across the organization.

Creating a Common Language

When employees participate in tailored programs together, they often emerge with a common set of skills, tools, and a language to express new ideas.

Applicable, Targeted Information

The curriculum is tailored with your company or firm in mind, so all information is relevant and targeted. Employees will be able to take what they learn and apply it directly to any challenges, problems, or projects on which they are working.

Customized Learning Approaches

The IPParalegal Institute has been delivering proprietary content to industry professionals for over 20 years. We understand that different companies have different learning styles and requirements. Therefore, content may be presented via lectures, case studies, laboratories, or teamwork activities. Delivery options are flexible and may include distance learning technologies as well as face-to-face lectures and/or labs at your company site.

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    2015 Schedule
IPP101: IP Paralegal Ethics, Billing & Administration Fundamentals course begins.
PPF101: U.S. Patent Forms & Filing Fundamentals course begins.
PPF102: U.S. Patent Prosecution Fundamentals Course begins.
    2016 Schedule
PCT101: Patent Cooperation Treaty Forms & Filing Fundamentals course begins.
PCT102: Patent Cooperation Treaty Prosecution Fundamentals course begins.
FPF101: Foreign Patent Filing Fundamentals course begins.
TPF101: Trademark Forms, Filing & Prosecution Fundamentals course begins.