It's All About Making a Difference For Our Students

Education goes beyond structural memorization or learning where to find information. Education is also about preparing students mentally and socially to optimally perform in real life what they learn in the classroom. It's all about making a REAL difference, which is our true passion.

In celebration of those who have successfully completed our training courses and choose to make a difference in their careers, it is with great pride that we share a few endorsements from students who have graciously asked that we publish them on their behalf:

Jacqueline C.: I graded this class an "A" and the technical level of the course's content was perfect.

Lynne D.: The course content was perfect and the instructor was excellent. The time the instructor spends answering questions and explaining issues is great.

Gayle H.: Instructor sharing practical experiences and presenting real-world examples was excellent. I really enjoyed this training! THANK YOU.

DeBorah S.: I have been a paralegal for almost 10 years and prior to that I was in the computer industry in many technical support roles. Throughout my career I have attended numerous training courses and by far IPParalegals' training was exceptional with hands on practical assignments to reinforce my understanding of what was covered in the sessions. I did have reservations going into this training because I was unemployed and on an extremely tight budget. However, I can honestly say that this course has certainly produced a return on investment.
     The knowledge I gained from this training has helped me in my current temporary position. The IP prosecution field is not for anyone who is not willing to put in the time and effort, and this course reflects that accurately. There was no fluff. Her training stretches ones mind, and once it sinks in, it is FUN. She shared real life experiences with plenty of do's and don'ts. Students were provided with comprehensive comments on their assignments. She was also open to hearing student's ways of thinking on their responses to questions. I truly feel I have a strong foundation to build upon.
     It was apparent that Viola loves her career and she was 100 percent committed to preparing the group of us paralegals from the Massachusetts Paralegal Association to enter the IP field. I cannot say enough about Viola's professionalism, quality of service, delivery of the material, and commitment - thank you for all you did for the group!

Roseanne C.: I really need to know this stuff and I do understand the basics. Hats off to you for explaining it the best that I've ever heard! Thank you!!!

Luajuana L.: Thank you so much! Just want you to know that I really enjoyed your classes and have learned so much. You are a great instructor. I have directed others to your Institute's website and highly recommended your courses.

Ashley C.: I enjoyed the course and have, without a doubt, learned plenty to apply to my career. I discussed much of the work with my attorney and he agrees that it has improved my capabilities significantly.

    2015 Schedule
IPP101: IP Paralegal Ethics, Billing & Administration Fundamentals course begins.
PPF101: U.S. Patent Forms & Filing Fundamentals course begins.
PPF102: U.S. Patent Prosecution Fundamentals Course begins.
    2016 Schedule
PCT101: Patent Cooperation Treaty Forms & Filing Fundamentals course begins.
PCT102: Patent Cooperation Treaty Prosecution Fundamentals course begins.
FPF101: Foreign Patent Filing Fundamentals course begins.
TPF101: Trademark Forms, Filing & Prosecution Fundamentals course begins.